Donkey Moses departs for pastures new


The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary in Wroxall have sadly lost their OAP donkey, Popcorn Moses. Popcorn suffered from acute liver failure, a condition he had been battling over the last last months.

The Donkey Sanctuary wrote: “Popcorn has been at the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary for many years and was well into his late thirties (or possibly beyond). He was originally a great friend of the miniature donkey Seamus, but in recent times became a happy resident in the OAP group.

“Popcorn was a slightly nervous donkey, but he gradually became more confident with people as more and more visitors visit the site. He was renowned for having some of the poorest dentition of all the donkeys, but this never once put him off his soft feed.
“Popcorn will go over the Rainbow Bridge to join his friends.”

Author: news-guy