Island Randonnee draws criticism from road users


The annual Isle of Wight Randonnee cycling event has once again been described as ‘a huge success’, with around 3,000 cyclists taking part, despite much criticism.
Hordes of mainland cyclists crammed onto the car ferries early on Sunday morning, joining a large number of local cyclists who also took part in the event, which passed without incident apart from the odd puncture.

The event, however, attracted a great deal of criticism on social media, with cyclists labelled as inconsiderate and dangerous. One critic wrote: “Having just experienced the ‘ambassadors’ complete disregard for the rules of the road, isn’t it about time ALL road users were identifiable?”

Another motorist said: “This event is too big to just let happen without any sort of police presence. The cyclist totally take over the roads and make it very dangerous for any other users.

They expect you to give them a wide berth, but how can you when they are literally all over the road and in front of you for hundreds of yards.
I didn’t know this was taking place on Sunday and had the misfortune to take my normal route of Brighstone to the Military road and into Freshwater…. it was a nightmare and I was shaking hours later from the stress.”

Other comments included: “About time the organisers and participants paid for proper marshaling and Police.”
“They just cause chaos on the Island’s roads.”
“The event should not be allowed to take place unless riding in single file.”
“Who allows for this law breaking event to take place on the island roads?”

Finally, some critics felt so strongly about the event that they said they would not like to see it banned. One angry road user wrote: “I would like to start a petition to get this event banned. Unless it is properly marshaled and ALL riders carry a visible identity number so any anti-social and illegal road use can be properly reported it should NOT go ahead again.”

The Isle of Wight Randonnee was established by the Wayfarers Cycle Touring Club in 1985. The event is the largest event of its kind on the South Coast

Author: the-news-guy