Osborne House 23rd – 24th July 2019

The competition at Osborne is a much shorter and fast-paced competition compared to traditional horse trials. This starts with a shorter dressage test which approximately 4 minutes. Once all horses have completed the dressage, showjumping will follow. This will again be a slightly shorter course, offering riders the chance to choose alternative jumps and various routes. The Cross Country competition will conclude the day of trials, with classes running in reverse order with leaders going last.

This format will allow spectators to follow the competition through all phases and watch every rider they wish to throughout the day. Starting at around 9.30am, the competition will close by around 4pm. There will be two classes each day, with competitors riding a horse each day.

The dressage arena is located on the Durbar Lawn, with a second arena in the Cottage Field. All show jumping will take place on the Durbar Lawn, with Cross Country winding its way down the valley towards the Solent. Once they have passed through the water jump for the second time, the course will bring riders back to the front of the terraces before heading back up the hill towards the Swiss Cottage. Competitors will turn for home and gallop back to Osborne House along the top of the ridge before sweeping across the front of the house to the finish line. Excellent viewing is offered in many places, but those on the terraces will enjoy the whole day with a birds-eye view of all the action.

Author: the-news-guy