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Kitchen Fire – Brading

A pan left on a cooker is thought to have caused a kitchen fire at Clarendon Close in Brading on Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were forced to enter the property through a window pane to extinguish the fire. No injuries were reported.

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Body Found – Wootton

Police were called to the discovery of the body of a man in his fifties in Wootton High Street at just before 6am on Monday morning. Paramedics were unable to save the man’s life.The death is not being treated as suspicious.

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Joining forces

Two forward-thinking Isle of Wight GP practices have joined forces to improve patient services, including the launch of a new minor illness service to help meet demand for more same-day appointments. This week Carisbrooke Health Centre and The Dower House Surgery in Newport have also commissioned a musculo-skeletal service (MSK) and are piloting a prescription […]

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The Forgotten Fort Bembridge Down

Sitting atop Bembridge Down is a large Victorian fortress with a commanding view of the Channel, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that Bembridge Fort had seen considerable combat in the past. But until the 20th century a shot had never been fired in anger. This Victorian fort stands on the crest of Bembridge Down, […]

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Why we love the Isle of Wight

Let’s face it, we all love the Island for some reason or another this is why we all choose to live here. However, the Island holds some secrets and oddities and has been home to some dubious characters over the years. Going back to 1635 the famous scientist, philosopher, inventor and astronomer Robert Hooke was […]

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Protest over felling of 120-year-old oak

Plans to fell a 120-year-old oak on Carter’s Road on the outskirts of Ryde brought around 50 local residents and environmental campaigners out to protest. Residents believe Island Roads demanded the oak be removed to allow buses along the road in case of diversion.Alison Bulpitt, whose garden is overlooked by the tree, claimed the oak […]

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