Sunny Island weather greets climate change protestors


Extinction Rebellion brought their peaceful protest against the so-called climate ‘crisis’ back to the streets of sunny Newport.
Declaring that we only have 12 years in which to ‘save the earth’, up to 100 colourful and noisy protestors gathered in St James’ Square, some banging drums, and waving placards and flags. The aim was to create a positive, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, putting women and children first.
Some members of IW Extinction Rebellion travelled to London for the large scale climate change protests there, and and had been impressed by the atmosphere on the bridges and in the squares. Their plan is to replicate such initiatives on the Island.
IW Extinction Rebellion have apparently been angered by the fact that whilst other councils across the country have declared a Climate Emergency to pledge action to tackle the environmental ‘crisis’, the Isle of Wight Council leadership claim that such a need is ‘unevidenced’.
What the IW Council can do to change the weather is not, however, altogether clear.
The protest ended with a ‘die in’ outside Costa Coffee.

Author: the-news-guy